Welcome To The Grumpy Old Man Club

You don't have to be a man to be part of the club.  Sometimes all it takes is the right Attitude

Everyone has had them, the moment when you are looking at something and wonder to yourself how stupid someone truly has to be to do something like that.  Well here at The Grumpy Old Man Club, we take off the kid gloves and lay aside all the bullshit because that is what need to be done.   

I am warning you now that you had not step in if you are a snowflake.  And let me clue you in on something, if you automatically decided I was talking about your political affiliation when I said that you are indeed a punk that is going to get your feelings hurt here.

See, in this place there are no participation trophies and we don't give anything to the losers.  We are competitive and we are fierce and we are many.   We don't get upset when we lose, rather we brush that shit off and keep on trucking.  So for the sake of the weak willed pansies please stop here and go home now.

To All the rest of you, please, enjoy the current video listed below and for a complete list and playlist go to the video page.

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